Are you sick of everyone bragging about having top insider info?

Let’s face it most people brag about being ‘in the know’, but in truth the information is secondary and more often than not we see poor tips getting banded about as ‘info’ when in fact they are nothing of the such.


The fact remains that if one has the right tools, spends enough time watching replays and puts in the hours then profit can very much be accumulated from select tips based solely on form, data and market trends.


Here at The Forum Guru I use speed figures, trends and statistics to arrive at an informed conclusion on a race where 1 horse stands out that has been underestimated by the market but comes out toward the top of our trends.


Does it work? The short answer is yes.  Over the past 3 years we have yielded considerable profits with a return on investment of 39% and in excess of 861pts of profit as we approach the 1000pt barrier over the coming month or so i.e. to £10 per point one would have made nearly £8,610 from following our advice. 34 profitable months from 38 to date.

What does my service include?

For £50 a month you will receive a daily text update as well as direct access to the member’s page which will, on average, include 1 to 2 tips a day at most . If nothing stands out then nothing will be sent and at no time will we feel obliged to send out something that is not carrying our confidence/money.